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Voter Settings – (Navigate settings > Voter)



Enable Vote Weight?



The vote weight option when enabled allows you to assign a “weight” to each of your voters when added to your election.

Enable Position Vote Receipt?


Enable Position Vote Receipt?


The vote receipt option when enabled will indicate that you wish to send your voters an email receipt of any vote selections they make, if you have multiple positions in your election the voter will receive an email per position when voting.



Enable Edit Option?


Enable Edit Option?


The edit option allows you to keep your voters login open, letting them login again and change there original vote selection, voters may log back in as many times as they wish whilst the election is live, if you prefer to not allow this, then keep this option disabled, this will lock the original vote in place.



Display Vote Confirmation.


Display Vote Confirmation

Enabling this option will activate the option to display your custom “confirmation” message as set in the messages centre.


Enable Postal Voting.

Postal voting allows you to operate a hybrid, or offline election, but allowing Choice Voting to administrate and calculate the results of your election for you. This is disabled by default and you should contact Choice Voting if you wish to use this facility.

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