Choice Voting Documentation

Candidate Actions

Candidate Actions

Candidates can be found in your election > Candidates

What you can do from the candidates page

  1. Add a new candidate (You can also add candidates whilst creating a position)

  2. Filter and search candidates

  3. Edit existing candidates details

  4. Exclude a candidate from the counting and results (Useful for a withdrawn candidate)

  5. Delete candidates

Edit a candidate

You may edit an existing candidate by clicking the edit icon as shown below.


edit candidate


Delete A Candidate

Deleting a candidate will remove them from the election completely. You will have a warning prompt, after which this is non reversible.

Note: A candidate cannot be deleted while an election is live, or recently closed

Exclude a candidate from your final result

Should one or more of your candidates withdraw from the election process, you may exclude this candidate from the final results.


If you exclude a candidate from being counted during a live election, the count will automatically exclude that candidate when your election closes.

If your election has already closed, and you then need to exclude a candidate, go ahead and exclude the candidate, you will then need to initiate a recount from your results page.

How to recount a result


exclude a candidate from an election