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Candidate Actions

Candidate Actions

Edit a candidate

You may edit an existing candidate by clicking the edit icon as shown below.



Delete A Candidate

Deleting a candidate will remove them from the election completely. You will have a warning prompt, after which this is non reversible.


Hide a candidate from the election

Selecting this option when your election is live will hide the candidate from your voters selection choices for the time period specified. This option is often used where a candidate may have received a penalty and you wish to temporarily remove them from the election.


Hidden candidates cannot receive any votes for the duration of the time they are hidden.


Exclude a candidate from your final result

Should one or more of your candidates withdraw from the election process, you may exclude this candidate from the final results.


If you exclude a candidate from being counted during a live election, the count will automatically exclude that candidate when your election closes. If your election has already closed, and you then need to exclude a candidate, go ahead and exclude the candidate, you will then need to initiate a recount from your results page.




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