Choice Voting Documentation

Voter Groups

Creating voter restrictions

In Choice Voting , you have the option to utilise the "Voter groups" feature to establish numerous voter groups. Members of each group exclusively access the designated positions allocated with a group name.

Creating your own custom name for a group helps to ensure that you have an accurate easy to understand naming system for your voters and voter groups.

Here's how to set it up:

Example scenario.

Voter Eligibility:

  • Voter A has specific permissions for different positions.

  • Voter A can vote for Position 1 but not Position 2.

  • However, they have unrestricted access to vote for Position 3.

Voting Experience:

  • When Voter A logs in to vote:

  • They will only see options to vote for Position 1 and Position 3.

  • Position 2 won't be visible to them because they're not allowed to vote for it.

  • This setup ensures that Voter A can only cast votes for the positions they are eligible for.

In essence, Voter A's voting experience is tailored to their eligibility, showing them only the positions they can vote for while hiding the ones they're not permitted to participate in.

Creating Voter Groups:

  • Voter groups are made when you add or edit a position.

  • The aim is to group voters, allowing or restricting access to vote for a position.


  • In the image below, for the position "North district members President," we've linked it with the "north" group.

  • This setup ensures that only voters tagged with the "north" group in your CSV file can see and vote for "North district members President."

Add new voter groups

You may assign the same or different groups to as many position as you wish whilst creating a position.

If your position is not restricted in anyway for voters visibility, then you would not assign a group to a position, and would instead select the "yes" option for your position as shown below. In this scenario, all voters will be able to see and vote in this position.

Assigning a group name

Review our walkthrough guide below.

Uploading Voters with Excel using a CSV or XLS file and assigning groups to voters.

When making your voter lists in Excel:

  • Create a column for voter groups.

  • Assign one of your groups to each person.

  • If someone belongs to multiple groups, separate them with commas.

  • It's best to use the template provided by Choice Voting.


For instance, in a club with separate votes at different branches:

  • Tag members of Branch A with "A" or "Branch A." depending on what you create as a group name

  • Tag members of Branch B with "B" or "Branch B." depending on what you create as a group name


Members without a designated voter group will only see unassigned ballot papers.

Example import CSV/XLS layout to include voter groups

Example CSV file

Checking your voters and groups

On the positions overview page you have a column that shows you how many voters can vote in each position as shown below.

In the example below, we have a total of 3 voters in our election, 3 out of 3 (100%) can vote in position 1 and position 3, but only 2 out of 3 (66.66%) voters may vote in position 2.

Checking voter allocations per position

What if I do not need to assign voting permissions?

If your election does not require that you define allowed rules for any of your voters, then you would simply ignore the steps above and ensure that your position is marked as "yes" for the "can all voters vote in this position" option