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Getting started – First Steps

Lets begin with creating a new election. Most users create single elections.

If you would like to have more than one election running at once. with a single login page for your voters. you would start with a master election. A master election is a holding area for multiple single elections grouped together.

Now that you have an election created, we can begin to add positions to this election

Add your first position, click the add new position button

If you do not know the best option to choose here, please do talk to us for some guidance

You may choose a number of different count methods. Select the one that is most appropriate for your own election.

After adding positions, you can come back any time to see all the current positions you have added to your election.

Just Click positions menu to come back to positions list.

Now we have positions in our election, we are ready to add some candidates to those positions.

Lets add our first candidate. Click Add candidate button

We can add candidates one at a time. adding a candidate image and relevant candidate information.

Don’t forget to add the candidate to the correct position in your election.

If you have many candidates, you can import candidates in bulk via a csv file.

You can see all of your candidates using the all candidates button

Or use the main candidates menu link

Now to add your voters. This is the last step in creating the election basics.

We can add voters one by one.

or import voter information via a csv file.

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