Choice Voting Documentation

Invite a new user

Adding additional users to your account

Adding additional users to your account is a useful feature that allows you to get help from your team when setting up or testing an election.

What are your options and benefits of adding team members to your Choice Voting account?

  1. Share the election setup with others to check

  2. Share the setup time

  3. Have backup in case of main administrators unavailability

  4. Give access to a returning officer or scrutineers

How to invite a new user.

Navigate to "Account Details" from any page within the Choice Voting application.

  1. Enter the new users email address

  2. Select the required role based permission for the new user

  3. Click the invite button

Your new user will be sent an invitation email inviting them to join your account.

Points to note
  1. You have full control over invited users

  2. You may revoke a users access at any time

  3. You may change the users permission based role at any time