Choice Voting Documentation

Archiving an Election

Export an encrypted copy of your election for later restoration

Election archives are a useful feature of Choice Voting. Creating an archive allows you to download an encrypted secure file of your entire election, which you can keep safe to re-use in the future.

Once downloaded you may go ahead and delete your election, and all of its associated data from our system
Importing a data archive into a new election will recreate this election including all of your settings. This makes for a speedy setup next time.

How to archive your election

  1. Select the appropriate election from your dashboard

  2. Navigate to Settings > Archive Election

  3. Select download Archive option

  4. Keep your Archive file safe ( We are unable to retrieve a lost archive file)

Importing an Archived Election

Should you ever need to recreate or refer back to an archived election, simply create a blank new election, navigate to settings > archive and select “Import data archive”. Select your archive file and upload it.

Once uploaded, your archived election will be recreated for you exactly as it was when you initially archived it.

Benefits of Archiving.

With data protection so critical to you, archiving allows you to take a “snapshot” of your election at the point of archiving. Once you have archived the election you should store the encrypted archive file in a safe location. At this point you may now go ahead and delete or obscure the data held in your election, thereby removing the data from our systems.

Video Tutorial


Important points.

Importing an archived election can only take place in the original account from which it was first archived, you will not be able to delete your original account and import the archive into a new account.