Choice Voting Documentation

Election Overview Dashboard

At a glance details of your election

Understanding the election overview page

The election overview provides an at a glance detail of your election setup, and progress when live.

The page consists of a card style layout with each card displaying information relevant to the setup of your election.

There are 6 main cards and one voter interaction graph on the page.

The following information details the purpose of each card.

Card one

  1. Times and dates of election

  2. Election status

  3. Indicator icons - hover over the icons to determine the purpose, a green icon means this option is enabled.

Times and dates of election

Card Two

  1. Displays the election unique URL, this can be provided to voters if they are unable to use the email notifications magic link.

  2. Displays the automated cleanup date.

Election URL address information

Card Three

  1. Displays any resolutions added to your election

  2. Quick navigate to add a resolution if none exist.

how many resolutions in your election

Card Four

  1. Displays any positions added to your election

  2. Quick navigate to add a position if none exist.


Card Five

  1. Displays total number of voters in your election

  2. Shows a live pie chart detail when the election is live

Voters information

Election progress detail cards

  1. The cards and graph give you day by day and hour by hour details of how your election is performing.

Live voter statistics