Choice Voting Documentation

Primary Dashboard Overview

View all of your current and historical elections in one place

This is your account primary dashboard.

From here you can...

  1. View all of your elections in one place

  2. Filter by election name or status

  3. Enter and manage any selected elections dashboard using the overview button

  4. Navigate through account specific menu options

  5. Create new elections

  6. Logout

Dashboard menu options

  1. Dashboard: Brings you back to the primary dashboard wherever you are in the application

  2. Restore Archive: Follow this link to restore a previously archived election

  3. Account details: Follow this link for actions specific to your account, such as adding a logo, additional users and account deletion

  4. Billing Details: Retrieve historical invoices and receipts (Card payments only)

  5. Your Login Account: Edit details related to you as the user of the account

  6. Support: Brings you to these support pages