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Enable Email Notifications

Settings related to sending emails to your voters, and additional options that can be included in those emails.

Email Notifications – Navigation (Settings > Email Notifications)

Voter email notifications are an important service to consider when setting up an election.

Your Choices would be.

  1. Best and easiest option: Allow Choice Voting to send a notification email to inform your voters of the election.

  2. Optional but more work involved: Do not allow Choice Voting to send a notification, leaving you to determine your own internal methods of notifying a voter.

When you can enable email notifications from Choice Voting

  1. Via the voter settings page

  2. Whilst importing voters

If you would like Choice Voting to send the notifications on your behalf, you must enable the option to do this, either before you add any voters from the "email notifications" settings page, or during the voter import process (See how to import voters) .

Enabling the option after adding voters will ignore any voter emails you enter. No Notifications will be sent

By default, the option to send a notification email is “disabled”, if you wish to use this facility, the option should be enabled.

View our detailed support document to view demo videos of email notifications.

What are the options available in the email notifications settings page?

Enable Email?

Enable this option to allow Choice Voting to send voter invitation email to your voters at the start of your election. It is optional, however leaving this disabled will require you to send your own invitations to each of your voters.

If email notifications are not enabled your voters will not receive an invite via CV. If you have previously imported voters and enable this option you will need to delete all current voters and reimport them with their email address. 

Customise Invitation Email

You may customise the look and feel of your invitation emails – Read our article for instructions

in summary this is what can be customised.

  1. The "from" name that shows in your voters email client, this could be your organisation name

  2. Custom text to be included in your email notification

  3. Organisation logo: This can be enabled or disabled

  4. Voters name: You can personalise the invitation with a voters name

  5. Election Name: Include the name of your election

  6. Description: Include your election description as entered in your election settings

  7. Election rules: Include any specific election rules as entered in your election settings

  8. Election dates: Inform your voters when the election will be available.


Customise Reminder Email

You may customise the look and feel of your reminder notification emails – Read our article for instructions

When are reminder voter notification emails sent?

Choice Voting does not automatically schedule or send a reminder email to voters. The application wouldn't have the ability to determine when you would prefer the reminder to be sent, and sending a reminder may be dependant on the progress of your election at any given time.

Sending a reminder email is user initiated.

Enable Voter Auto Login?

If you would like to simplify the process for your voters, you may select the auto login option, this bypasses the requirement for your voters to manually input a voter key & ID combination to vote.

This option doesn’t bypass the authentication checks for each voter, it simply makes the process easier for them.

When this option would not be relevant
  1. When Choice Voting is not used to send your voters invitation email

If you send your own invitations then it is not possible to make an automatic magic login link work. Voters will instead need to enter a voter key and a voter ID to login to the election.