Choice Voting Documentation

Notification Emails Overview

The ChoiceVoting app allows you to send notification emails to voters as soon as your election becomes live.

These emails can be used to provide voters with important information about voting, such as:

  • Election dates and times

  • Voter deadlines

  • Candidate information

  • Ballot information

  • Voting rules

  • Your organisations branding

Notification emails are OFF by default and can be turned on from either the settings page, or whilst importing voters.

Notifications must be set to "on" before you launch your election, if this has not been done then emails will be ignored and not sent to your voters.

If you would like Choice Voting to send the notifications on your behalf, you must enable the option to do this, before you add any voters. Enabling the option after adding voters will ignore any voter emails you enter.

How to enable email notifications.

You have two options to enable email notifications.

  1. Using the settings page to enable prior to importing or adding voters.

  1. During the voters import process.

Points to note:

  1. It is not required that you add or enable email notifications

  2. If email notifications are not enabled, or you do not add voter emails, Choice Voting will not be able to send an automated personalised invitation to your voters when your election starts, you will need to have your own solution for doing this.

How to notify voters of the election if you do not add voter emails and enable the email notification option.

You are in full control of your election and voter information, if you choose not to leave the notifications to the Choice Voting Application you still have options available to you.

  1. Export your voters (You need to have imported voter names already)

  2. use the exported CSV file as your own emailing list.

  3. Create a mail merge from the exported CSV

  4. Create and design your own email using a third party mailing application such as Mailchimp

  5. The email should include the voter key, the voter ID, and the election URL

  6. Your voters will be able to log in manually using the URL, ID & Key you have sent them.

Where to find the Election URL, and Voter ID, Key information.