Choice Voting Documentation

Creating a Parent Governor election step by step

General setup for a Parent Governor Election

Getting started creating a parent governor election – Step by Step

Choice Voting is designed with simplicity in mind, and consists of a few simple steps to getting your Parent Governor election launched and collecting votes.

Most Parent Governor elections consist of the following elements

  1. A single position usually - Parent Governor

  2. Nominated Candidates

  3. Parent Voters obtained from your MIS software. We use Arbor integration in our examples.

The basics of setting up any election can be completed in a few steps consisting of

  1. Create a new election: Click the "add new election" button on your main dashboard and complete the required details .Details would be a title such as "Parent Governor Election" and your usual general description of the election and it's purpose.

  2. Add your position(s): Add your required positions to your election, you can add as many as you require. (how to create a position), but would usually be a single position named "Parent Governor"

    You will be required to choose a counting method for your school election, in almost all cases for schools this would be the "Approval Method" of counting.

  3. Add candidates to your positions: Whilst creating a position you can move to the candidates tab and add the candidates/nominated parents to the created position, or you can do this later by navigating to Candidates and clicking "Add Candidate". (How to add candidates)

  4. Add voters: Voters can be added one by one, or by uploading a CSV or XLS file containing voter information. (How to import voters) or by integrating with your schools MIS software.

  5. Check the election functions as expected: Using the built in preview option allows you to interact with your election as a "voter" would. This is perfect for testing you have a good setup.

  6. Launch the election: Once everything is checked and working as expected you can launch your election.

Note: There are additional settings these can be found in the "Settings" menu, most are optional but you may wish to review them before launching.

Watch the following demos in order for the ideal setup steps

Now that you have an election created, we can begin to add positions to this election

Now we have positions in our election, we are ready to add some candidates to those positions.

We can see a preview at anytime (A minimum of 2 candidates are required for preview or election to be valid) to check on the election setup

Now to add your voters. This is the last step in creating the election basics.

Now we have created the minimum required structure for your election, you are free to launch the election - note however, there are other settings available such as branding and email notification customisation.

Launching an election