Choice Voting Documentation

Add Candidates to an Election

Add Candidates to an Election

Adding candidates is a simple process, but you should first ensure you have created at least one position to your election.

Candidates can be added by using the "candidates" tab after creating a position or navigate to the “candidates” menu option.

Review the short demo to see this in action


Complete Candidate information

Candidate information consists of the following information.

  1. A photo of your candidate (Optional)

  2. The position this candidate belongs to (created when adding positions)

  3. The name of your candidate

  4. The manifesto or statement for your candidate

When you have entered all the details, click the “Add candidate” button to finish.

View All Candidates

To view all of your current candidates, navigate back to the main “Candidates” menu tab, you will be presented with a list of all candidates currently added to your election.

If required, you may filter candidates by a specific position.


Candidate Actions

After you have added candidate(s) to your election, you will have the option to perform specific actions on a candidate – these are described in our help document

Candidate Actions


Additional Notes.

  • Candidate photos will be adjusted to show the face portion of the photo where possible.

  • The candidate manifesto should ideally be in text only format.

  • A photo is not a required field, if left blank a default image will be used in its place.